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We would love to have you in the club!

Members of the club are able to participate in an annual Spring exhibition, local and national competitions, fundraisers and other fun activities planned throughout the year.

Members have access to monthly ice time and can arrange private lessons with one of our amazing coaches.

We skate at the Buffalo Civic Center Ice Arena.

Download the membership forms above. Please fill out the forms and deliver it to us in person. Please do not email the membership forms.

Questions and Answers 

How do I contact a coach?
You can go to our coaches page to see each coaches contact information.

What do I do if there is no coach availability?
Please call the president of the Buffalo Figure Skating Club so that the club can pursue adding more coaches to the call list.  

How do I know when “club” ice time is available?  
After becoming a member, you will be given an ice contract.  Contracts are paid in advance each month.  We recommend (but not required) that members skate two times a week.  Skaters will see more progress in their skating with additional skate time.

How do I become involved in the Buffalo Figure Skating Club?   
There are monthly meetings that we encourage all parents to attend.   We ask that parents take turns being ice monitors (take attendance and help play music).  This is a great way to get to know the awesome kids in our skating program.   As parents of the skaters, we try to plan fun activities throughout the year.  

How much fundraising is the club involved in?  
We try to find a couple fundraising activities through the year to help skaters fund their ice fees. Some activities we've done in the past include Cub Foods bagging, Culver's, Thirty one Bags, Yankee Candle, and Heggie's Pizzas. We are always open to new ideas so please let us know if you have an idea!

How do I find out more about competitions and skating exhibitions?  
Please ask your child’s coach or the BFSC President.

Why should my child join the Buffalo Figure Skating Club?
The benefits are numerous!  Figure Skating is a fun way to get exercise.  Figure Skating is a confidence builder!  Let’s face it!  Not everyone can say they can perform to music on ice skates!  We have a great group of girls of varying ages that are very supportive of each other.  It is nice for younger students to have such positive role models! Private lessons and added practice time will allow a child to progress in their 
skating skills at a faster rate.

What age and skill level must I be to become a member?
We welcome members of all ages and skill levels from beginner to advanced.

What If I have more questions?
You can go to our contacts page and email your questions to us.

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