Registration is open for our 2020 Spring Show which will take place on Sunday, May 3rd at 2:00pm.  Registration deadline is is 3/14.

Classes start January 4th     

We are dedicated to using Ice Skating Institute (ISI) standards for advancement of skating skills used for both figure skating and hockey. Our goal is to provide a productive and fun atmosphere for students age 3 and older, of varying abilities, to advance their skills!  

Available Classes

• Tots: Skaters ages 3-4. Skaters will learn basic skills to be comfortable on the ice. They will learn to stand up, march, two-foot hops, and eventually gliding. Figure skating and hockey tots work on the same skills and will be combined. Beginner Tots are brand new to skating and Advanced Tots have skated before and can stand independently on the ice.

• Pre-Alpha: Skaters ages 5+ who have never taken classes should start here. Beginner students learn to balance and do simple glides on both feet. Figure skating and hockey skaters must pass the Pre-Alpha level before registering for a higher level. Pre-Alpha Mastery is for skaters who have been in Pre-Alpha before and are able to glide and wiggle backwards.

• Alpha: Must have passed Pre-Alpha

• Beta: Must have passed Alpha

• Gamma: Must have passed Beta

• Delta: Must have passed Gamma

• Hockey Mite Development: Must have passed Pre-Alpha, or have taken one of our hockey classes last year and have coach approval to register for this level.

• Hockey Advanced: Must have passed Hockey Mite Development, or have taken one of our hockey classes last year and have coach approval to register for this level. (only offered on Saturdays)

  • Classes are held at the Buffalo Civic Center.

  • All group classes are 30 minutes

  • Helmets are strongly encouraged for all skaters and are required for Tot and Pre-Alpha classes.

  • Class size is limited to 8 - 18 skaters depending on level. In the event of low enrollment some classes may be cancelled or consolidated with another level or time slot.

  • It is common for skaters to stay in their skating level for more than 1 session. 

  • We attempt to provide hockey specific classes taught by hockey skaters, but it is dependent on hockey coach availability. Tot and Pre-Alpha skaters learn the same skills whether they are hockey or figure skating and will be taught by figure skating and/or hockey coaches.

Class are offered on Saturday mornings

SATURDAY CLASS OPTIONS: 8:20 - 8:50am, 8:55 - 9:25am or 9:30 - 10:00am

Class dates: 1/4, 1/11, 1/25, 2/1, 2/15, 2/22, 2/29, 3/14




Buffalo Figure Skating Club Membership

The Buffalo Figure Skating Club was formed for area skaters to obtain additional ice time and have the opportunity for private instruction and competition entry. Members of the club are able to participate in an annual Spring exhibition, Holiday show, local and national competitions, fundraisers and other fun activities planned throughout the year.

Ice Skating Institute

The Ice Skating Institute is an international trade association encompassing all aspects of the skating industry. ISI encourages participation in ice skating as a recreational sport.


Membership in ISI allows skaters the opportunity to perform locally and nationally, in addition to test registration and earning patches.

Members will have their tests registered with the National Ice Skating Institute.




There are several local and national competitions Buffalo Figure Skating Club members participate in each year. In order to compete, skaters are required to be club members and skate under the direction of a private coach. All ages and levels are encouraged to compete. Skaters can choose to compete in a variety of  categories demonstrating skills in different aspects. Some events can be performed with a partner or in a group. Contact the skating staff if you are interested in partners or group skating events.

Ice Shows and Exhibitions

Participants in the Buffalo Figure Skating Club may participate in our Spring Exhibition which takes place in either April or May.

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Alex Edwards - Skating Coach

Alex is a former member of the Buffalo Figure Skating Club. She competed with the BFSC for five years in individual, couples, and group events- as well as on the BFSC synchronized skating team, "Go Figure". Alex has passed through ISI Freestyle 4. She has many years of experience teaching Learn-to-Skate classes and began coaching private lessons with the club in 2013. Alex currently resides in Montrose and teaches at Montrose Elementary School of Innovation. She is very passionate about skating and teaching and enjoys combining those passions out on the ice!

Katie Hetzler - Skating Coach

Katie is a former member of the Buffalo Figure Skating Club.  Katie has experience teaching classes through the BFSC and Community Ed figure skating programs and recently began teaching private lessons.  Katie was co-captain of the BFSC synchronized skating team, "Go Figure" and has tested through ISI Freestyle 5.  Coaching figure skating has been a dream of Katie's for many years and she is thrilled to finally make that dream come true!

Jackie Heinz - Skating Coach

Jackie is a former member of the Ice Cutters Skating Club.  Jackie started with the club at the age of 10 and quickly came to love figure skating! She competed for many years at different levels.  She has tested through ISI Freestyle 4.  Her daughters have now shared in her passion and participate in the Learn To Skate program.  Jackie is excited to be back at her home rink and sharing her love of figure skating with others!!

Lindsay Johnston - Skating Coach

Lindsay was a former member of SQSA and Plymouth figure skating clubs. She tested through ISI freestyle 8 and USFSA Intermediate. She competed in several local ISI and USFSA competitions as well as ISI Worlds and Upper Great Lakes.  She has been teaching skating for 16 years and opened  up Barren skating school in Barren, WI and acted as skating director. She has  been coaching figure skating for 16 years and recently had a skater pass her freestyle 8 test at a district 10 test session. 

Brittany Hanson - Skating Coach

Brittany is a former member of the Buffalo Figure Skating Club. Brittany has experience teaching classes through the Learn to Skate program and recently started coaching private lessons with the club. She has competed for many years at different levels. Brittany passed freestyle 3 and was close to finishing freestyle 4. She has loved skating since the moment she stepped on the ice many years ago and can't wait to share her passion with her students. 

Alyssa Smerud - Skating Coach

I’m a student at the University of Minnesota and turned my love of the figure skating into my job. I have been competitively skating for 16 years at New Hope Figure Skating Club. I began coaching learn to skate classes there in 2015 and have been coaching LTS classes at Buffalo since summer of 2018. I tested through ISI freestyle 8, competed at many local competitions as well as ISI worlds, and attended summer figure skating camps to develop my skills. I have been choreographing my own freestyle routines for the past 5 years and creating them has become one of my favorite parts of skating.

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